What’s the Connection?

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What’s the Connection?

Amazing Links Among Seemingly Unrelated Things

By Jake Oliver

5 x 7, 176 pages, 2C, hardcover with PLC

Affenpinscher, malamute, schipperke, and puli? They're all dog breeds, specifically rat terriers. Anglerfish, Brolga cranes, wolves, and termites? They all mate for life. Pinatubo, Pelée, Etna, Kilauea? Active volcanoes. Blanco, resposado, anejo, mixto? Grades of tequila. From science and literature to pop culture, politics, and the arts, this book illuminates the connections--sometimes trivial but always enjoyable--among at first seemingly unrelated things. Along the way, you'll pick up conversational tidbits and fun factamazoids sure to inform and amuse.

Jake Oliver is a playwright, performer, and freelance writer. Originally from Boston, Jake lives with his wife and children in Leonardo, NJ.

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Justin Heimberg is the author of numerous books, including the Would You Rather. . . series, The Yo Momma Vocabulary Builder, and The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: EXTREME Junior Edition. Justin also writes for television.

* This book is a Parody and has not been prepared, approved, or authorized by the creators or producers of the Highlights for Children magazine.

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