The Modern Neurosis Handbook

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The Modern Neurosis Handbook

A Guide to Coping

By Andrea SarvadyIllustrated by Robin Zingone

7 x 9, 144 pages, 2C, paperback

The Modern Neurosis Handbook is a field guide, so to speak, to the minor but annoying psychological problems that could only happen in today's fast-paced, self-absorbed society. In terms that even a layperson can understand, a trained therapist reveals a compendium of common afflictions, from Uncontrollable Channel-Surfing Disorder (untreated, can lead to psychosis) to New Baby Narcolepsy, complete with a checklist of symptoms, examples of behavior, and easy-to-follow treatment plans recommended by mental health professional Andrea Sarvady.

Why simply hope for relief while these maladies languish on the waiting list of the Diagnostic Statistics Manual? Help is now available for those seemingly minor afflictions which, left unchecked, can lead to even more serious dysfunction. Without costly psychiatric bills or medication, you can diagnose yourself and others, and employ simple techniques to move yourself (and everyone you know) back onto the highway of mental health. Ignoring her own theory that "the unexamined life is probably pretty darn pleasant," Andrea Sarvady is a licensed therapist who has been in therapy and practiced therapy on others. She is the author of The Ultimate Girls' Movie Survival Guide, a guide to changing your mood (and your life) through the movies. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and daughters.

Action points help readers put each rule into practice in daily life. Woven throughout are personal anecdotes from the Horchows, sharing their own experiences of friendship.

Whether the goal is to start a new relationship, cement a developing alliance, or reinvest in a longstanding friendship, The Art of Friendship will help to make the connection.

Roger Horchow is a legendary retail mogul and award-winning Broadway producer.Sally Horchow is a Los Angeles-based journalist and TV personality.

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