The Best Napkin Folding Book Ever

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The Best Napkin Folding Book Ever

Add Easy Style to Any Meal

By John + Stephanie Stislow

6 x 7, 112 pages, 4C, hardcover with concealed wire-o

Napkin folding is NOT just for geeks and grandmas--these days, it's hip to be square, particularly when you're throwing a party. And in case you didn't already know, just watching any foodie television show will make it clear that stylish presentation adds a lot to any meal, especially a festive one.

Napkin folding is the perfect way to enliven a table in almost no time and at no cost. With just a little effort (and coordination) you can create an elegant, charming, whimsical, or dramatic fold. You can choose to have your napkin work overtime by holding a place card, silverware, flower, or gift. An added plus: your table will be environmentally sound as well as super stylish.

With step-by-step instructions for more than 20 different napkin folds, plus suggestions for party themes to pair them with, The Best Napkin Folding Book Ever is the only book on the subject you'll ever actually want.

John and Stephanie Stislow are the owners of Stislow Design+Illustration, a Brooklyn-based design firm founded by this husband and wife team. When they're not designing identities, brochures, books, or websites for clients, they're creating projects to please themselves. Combining their unique messages and creative talents into greeting cards, posters, wrapping paper, and found-paper journals, their products offer a fresh perspective on life.

Tina Barseghian is the Editor-in-Chief of CRAFT magazine. She has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Design for Living, and Condé Nast Traveler and was a contributing editor at ReadyMade magazine.

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