Spot the Differences

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Spot the Differences

Brain-Teasing Picture Puzzles

By Steven Rosen

Ages 6 to 8 8 x 10, 48 pages, 4C, paperback

These two photos may appear the same at first glance--but look more closely and you'll be able to spot the differences! This collection of 24 full-color, totally addictive, spot-the-difference puzzles is guaranteed to get your brain working. Organized by season and rated by difficulty level, each puzzle has an ideal time limit and a specified number of changes to find. Answers are in the back--but no peeking! Puzzles are set in easy-to-use grids to help keep track of changes. Ideal for kids, but challenging for grown-up puzzlers, too! Steven Rosen is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose work has appeared in numerous publications. Steve is also the author of Double Take.

Dave and Joe Borgenicht are brothers who not only write books but also are very cool. Marc Tyler Nobleman is cool, too, and he not only writes books but is also a cartoonist. Matt Phillips is the coolest, and he is an illustrator.

Marc Tyler Nobleman is a writer and cartoonist. His books include What's the Difference? and How to Do a Belly Flop.

Jeffrey Rutzky is a well-known paper folder and the author of two books in the Tear-i-gami series, Jewelgami and Bugagami, and Kirigami, a kit.

Dr. Philippa Gordon is a long-time Brooklyn pediatrician with three children of her own.

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