How to Give a Wedgie

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How to Give a Wedgie

200 Fun, Fast-Paced Things to Do to Keep Your Brain From Turning to Mush on Your Summer Vacation

Ages 9 and up
5 x 7, 96 pages, 2C, paperback
with die cut and second cover

grades 6 - 7 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 landscape, 240 pages, 1C, paperback

Usually passed from kid to kid (and not always accurately), here are step-by-step instructions and illustrations on how to master dozens of skills, from the practical to the impractical. How to Give a Wedgie provides tips on whistling with two fingers, getting the last word in an argument, thumbwrestling, giving a wedgie, and much more. Learn how to boobytrap a room, fold and pass a note, juggle, pop a wheelie, and other essential kidskillz.

Dave and Joe Borgenicht are brothers who not only write books but also are very cool. Marc Tyler Nobleman is cool, too, and he not only writes books but is also a cartoonist. Matt Phillips is the coolest, and he is an illustrator.

Marc Tyler Nobleman is a writer and cartoonist. His books include What's the Difference? and How to Do a Belly Flop.

Jeffrey Rutzky is a well-known paper folder and the author of two books in the Tear-i-gami series, Jewelgami and Bugagami, and Kirigami, a kit.

Dr. Philippa Gordon is a long-time Brooklyn pediatrician with three children of her own.

Territory: WorldRights sold: AU/NZ, NA, UK Published in North America by Harper/Avon