How to Be a Pig

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How to Be a Pig

Exquisite Projects to Fold and Cut

By Ima Swine
Illustrations by Shelly Meridith

PRESCHOOL 6 x 6, 20 pages, 4C, boardbook

To be a pig is something big--stop by our sty to find out why! With spirited silliness and endearing illustrations, How to Be a Pig offers kids a glimpse into why "life is fine when you're a swine." A special Pig's Pledge urges kids to say it with "oinks."

Shelly Meridith is an illustrator whose books include Whose Nose Is This? and Whose Tail Is This?

Whether you're an enthusiastic novice or an experienced paper airplane pilot, Awesome Paper Airplanes will have you logging hours of airborne adventure in no time.

Jeffrey Rutzky is a well-known paper folder and the author of two books in the Tear-i-gami series, Jewelgami and Bugagami, and Kirigami, a kit.

Dr. Philippa Gordon is a long-time Brooklyn pediatrician with three children of her own.

Territory: WorldRights sold: NA Published in North America by Penguin/PSS!