Fun Bandz Activity Kit

Fun Bandz Activity Kit

Steamy Games to Spice Up Your Sex Life

By Michael Goudeau

6 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 1/2 2-piece box with acetate window contains a 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 48-page, 4C paperback, plus 24 animal-shaped, stretchy rubber bands made of medical-grade silicone

The most popular trend of the year, these brightly colored, shaped rubber bands have captured the imaginations of kids from age 4 to 14! This bright and eye-catching kit shows off all the fun shapes and colors, combining a lively activity book with a collection of 24 bandz. Perfect for kids 6 to 9, the activity book offers tons of fun with diverting puzzles, from mazes and connect-the-dots to crosswords and jumbles--guaranteed to keep kids busy. And to top it off: 24 awesome bandz for them to play with, collect, and trade. A terrific gift, a fun diversion, and a great impulse buy!

The makeover culture has expanded to include our best friends, who (just like you) want to look their best. Here is an inspiring collection of mutt makeovers shepherded by doggy fashion stylist Coco (with a little help from her human, fashion stylist Janet Prusa). Shaggy Chic is the ultimate fashion guide for dogs, complete with:

• before-and-after shots
• personality profiles
• poignant backstories
• step-by-step explanations of how the new look was achieved

With tips on grooming, dressing, and accessorizing, Shaggy Chic offers dogs of every sort the opportunity to look fabulous. After all, the makeover party is in full swing--isn't it time for our pups to join in the fun?

Janet Prusa is a photo and fashion stylist based in New York City. The word "makeover" is part of her daily vocabulary; however, it's not every day that she works with canine models.

Dr. Philippa Gordon is a long-time Brooklyn pediatrician with three children of her own.

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