Double Take

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Double Take

More Addictive Picture Puzzles

By Steven Rosen

8 x 10, 176 pages, 4C, paperback

Challenge your brain with this addictive collection of clever spot-the-difference photo puzzles. Each pair of 100 color photos in this book is seemingly identical--but upon closer inspection, you'll begin to see the differences. The ingenious creator of these puzzles has made 6 to 12 changes in each image--can you find them all? Objects may be missing from or added to a photo; colors may change from one photo to the next: you'll have to look closely to discover each alteration. With four levels of difficulty, these compelling picture puzzles offer a fun workout for eye and brain. Once you get started, you may not be able to stop!

Steven Rosen is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose work has appeared in numerous publications. Steve is also the author of Spot the Differences.

Justin Heimberg writes books and films. He lives in an extreme suburb in Maryland.

Chuck Gonzales is a New York City- based illustrator. Growing up in North Dakota, he became very familiar with surviving on the tundra.

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