A Girl’s Guide to Retail Therapy

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A Girl’s Guide to Retail Therapy

Unleash the Healing Power of Shopping

By Amy Elliott
Illustrations by Robin Zingone

5 x 7, 160 pages, 2C, paperback

Every girl knows that shopping is one of life's greatest pleasures. But did you know that it can actually improve your quality of life? In this practical, instructive guide, journalist Amy Elliott delves into the most common impulses to shop (are you bored? blue? envious? fat?) and offers the perfect retail therapy solution for each.

First, find your shopping profile--a little self-knowledge goes a long way toward preventing buyer's remorse. Next, discover when, how, and where to shop depending on your mood. For example, there are times when browsing without actually purchasing may do more to boost your mood than burning up your credit card with actual purchases. On the other hand, a bagful of goodies from the cosmetics emporium may significantly perk up your self-esteem.

Here are tips on how to budget for optimum retail therapy benefit; how to avoid the perils of bad dressing rooms and mirrors; how to cut short a shopping trip gone bad; and much more. Hands-on, useful advice and pro shopping tips make this guide a must-have for any girl who knows the immediate life improvement that can be achieved by getting a new pair of shoes.

Amy Elliott's passion for shopping is made possible by Condé Nast, where she serves as senior editor of Brides New York and 15 other editions of the company's regional wedding magazines.

* This book is a Parody and has not been prepared, approved, or authorized by the creators or producers of the Highlights for Children magazine.

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